I lived 30 years in my old apartment. It is a life change, I know this will be my last home.
Wayne (Ms. Rosie)
resident since 2007

Triangle Square - Hollywood

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1602 Ivar Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028
telephone: (323) 957-7200
fax: (323) 957-3313
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Financing for the $21,500,000 development was provided by the City of Los Angeles, Redevelopment Agency, Housing Department and the Housing Authority, the California Housing Finance Agency, the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, the California Department of Housing & Community Development, and SunAmerica.

Project Development

  • AIG/Sunamerica Affordable Housing Partners, Inc.
  • California Department of Housing & Community Development
  • California Housing Finance Agency
  • California Tax Credit Allocation Committee
  • Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles
  • First Federal Bank of California
  • Honorable Eric Garcetti
  • Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles Department of Transportation
  • Los Angeles Housing Department
  • Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
  • McCormack Baron Salazar
  • Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky
  • U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
  • Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh, AIA


  • Van Tilberg, Banvard & Soderbergh


Development Partners

Special Thanks to our Capital Campaign Donors who made this building possible!

Capital Campaign Founders Square

    • The Annenberg Foundation
    • The Schutrum-Piteo Foundation
    • Robert W. Schutrum and Frank A. Piteo
    • Wells Fargo Bank
    • Mike Mueller - Mueller Design, Inc.

      Capital Campaign Leaders Square

        • Alison & Peter Baumann
        • Ron Gelb, Ph.D.
        • Robert Johnson & Stephen Rose
        • California Association of Realtors - Housing Affordability Fund
        • Blake Byrne

          Capital Campaign Developers Square

            • Todd Schiffman
            • Ruth Tittle
            • Michael Sites & Harvey Abrams
            • Victor Kaminoff & Joe Reisman
            • Shelley Freeman & Joni Rim
            • Eugenio Lopez
            • Coldwell Banker
            • Lori Wolf & Carol Leifer

              Capital Campaign Cornerstone Square

                • Alan Friel & TJ Prokop Family
                • Jeffrey S. Smith
                • Bruce Maxwell
                • Mark E. Lehman & Gabriel Pacheco
                • Mark Newman-Kuzel
                • Mark Supper & Sergio Finetto
                • Ron Thomas
                • David Schneiderman & Bob Nitkin
                • Don Zuidema
                • Trammel Whitfield
                • Coury Enterprises, Inc.
                • John Aaroe Charitable Foundation
                • Carolyn A. Dye & Hope Faust
                • David L.Cooley
                • Capitol Drugs
                • David Geffen Foundation

                  Capital Campaign Builders-in-Kind Major Donors

                    • Kaye Scholer, LLP and Alan L. Friel, Esq
                    • Joel Raznick
                    • Carolyn A. Dye, Esq. Law Offices
                    gline99.com . Crossword puzzle . worldbus.ge