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Bob and Jack's 52-Year Adventure

a film by Stu Maddux

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bob and Jack's 52-Year Adventure

In 1952 an Army sergeant was cornered and courted by his commanding officer. Their romance grew and then grew too obvious. Rumors became anonymous tips to headquarters. They avoided court-martial by confronting the troops in their unit.

That pivotal moment cemented Bob and Jack together for the rest of their lives. 52-years later they share how they've remained a couple: how one man left his wife and children, how both moved together to a small town in the Pacific Northwest and started a radio station, and today how they face the new battle of being gay in their eighties. Bob & Jack's 52-Year Adventure is the true self-told story about the kind of lifelong love we all hope for and the equal rights two men who are still in love will now need to survive.

Link: Bob & Jack's 52 Year Adventure - the movie

DIRECTOR: Stu Maddux, 43, is a multi-award winning documentary filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. He freelances as a director, cinematographer, writer and editor while working on his own projects.

His work has been televised internationally and screened at more than 30 film festivals worldwide winning top honors at a handful of those. His company MAD STU Productions self-distributes his films in theaters and on DVD.

Prior to independent filmmaking Stu was a supervising producer creating television programs for national networks including ABC, BBC, VH-1 and TLC.